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Kitchen is the Heart of the Home + New Trends

Today, homeowners want more from their kitchen. Here are our favorite kitchen trends and elevated classics.

No matter how you dress up your home for a special occasion or the holidays, it’s inevitable that everyone will end up in the kitchen. It’s where the food is, the coffee, the wine, the action, the conversation, and yes, the love. Decades ago, we would hide our kitchens and emerge from them with perfect plates that were presentation ready. Today, we’ve torn down the walls and behind the scenes is the scene and everyone wants to be part of it.
At parties, it’s a safe place for guests to lean and feel engaged right away. During the day, the kitchen table or counter works as a desk for afterschool homework. At night, it’s where the light is best for games, crafts, and sorting through mail and yes, bills.
Today, homeowners want more from their kitchen! If we’re in this room the most, it should be the most spacious, efficient, and reflect our personality and style, right? Designers and architects have taken note! Each year, new kitchen trends are revealed at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) in Las Vegas. One of our team members was there first hand to see what’s new. Here are our favorite trends and elevated classics.

The See-Thru Refrigerator

Even though the thought of everyone seeing through your fridge at all times could be frightening, the idea of a display case for fresh fruits, vegetables, and La Croix may keep you accountable for keeping what’s inside healthy and fresh. And there’s always a way to hide the things you don’t want to share!
A see-through fridge will never show up in our homes but we love the Marie Kondo concept of keeping things simple and clean. Keep what brings you joy and just what you need.

Emerald Green + Gold

This combination of and finish is on fire and for good reason, it’s sophisticated, bold, and luxurious. At KBIS, everyone immediately flocked to this part of the showroom. This combo may transcend trend to become a classic that we see for a long time.

Matte Black

We’re seeing more matte black in kitchen fixtures and cabinets. Modern and minimalist, this look is sleek and incredibly dramatic. It’s timeless yet modern at the same time.

Statement Floor

Make a statement with a statement floor! If you're looking for something more personal and daring, patterned tile and bold are the way to go. It's a great way to show off your personality.


Trading Cabinet Space for Open Shelves or...

Trading cabinet space for open shelving leaves less room for storage but more access for everyday items. The look is certainly busier and it might require a bit more confidence to pull off which is why we think a combination of the two works best. It can certainly help a room feel more open.

If you maintain a minimalist kitchen, or you don’t cook and want to reclaim the space, an even newer trend is to skip upper shelves and upper cabinets. So daring!
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